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Summer Girls’ Group 2015

Project Description
The Summer Girls’ Group was a 5-week outdoor programme run during the school holidays aimed at building confidence and self-esteem in a group of 5 young girls. By utilising outdoor activities, the group shared experiences that enabled them to develop their confidence and self-esteem. Over the course of the programme the girls participated in a range of capacity building activities in which new and transferable skills were learned. The programme also incorporated awareness of personal safety, substance misuse knowledge, sexual health, the environment and conservation. Allowing them the opportunity to undertake new experiences was important in challenging the girls and encouraging them to rethink their own boundaries. The programme finished with an overnight expedition building on the skills the girls had developed throughout the sessions.

The girls involved in the summer group were identified through school referrals and one-to-one support as possible participants in the group. Discussions were held with the girls and the programme was built responding to their needs. On top of the broader issues of low self-esteem and a lack of confidence the girls were also experiencing a range of other issues relating to; drugs and alcohol misuse, family and home life, school, peer groups and relationships, social anxiety as well as diet. 
  Increase self-esteem and confidence
  Increase in positive relationships
  Gain knowledge and skills in outdoor activities
  Increase in positive aspirations
  Raise awareness of environmental and conservation work and John Muir
Input sessions from other partners

Community Police session looking at                                White ribbon session looking at gender 
personal safety online                                                    stereotypes and healthy/unhealthy relationships